• "Mieruko-chan's" anime adaptation will be helmed by Passione
  • The manga has been praised for its masterful mix of horror and comedy
  • The anime is slated for a 2021 airing date

The manga “Mieruko-chan,” or “The Girl That Sees ‘Them’” in English, is set to receive an anime adaptation this year.

The adaptation will be helmed by Passione, the same studio behind a number of popular anime shows like “Rokka No Yuusha,” “Citrus” and the 2020 version of “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou,” the Anime News Network reported.

“Mieruko-chan” tells the story of Miko, a young girl whose ordinary life is turned upside down after she receives the ability to see hideous monsters that other people are unable to perceive. Miko decides that the best way to go about the situation is to pay it no mind, choosing to simply ignore the monsters rather than try to deal with them.

The story is relatively grounded, especially when compared to other shonen or shoujo mangas where the main character tries to be a hero. Instead of gaining some sort of means to banish the monsters, Miko gets none, forcing her to live with the horrors that she sees in her daily life. It’s a welcome subversion to the typical formula that this type of premise tends to receive, especially since “Jujutsu Kaisen” is currently at the height of its popularity.

“Mieruko-chan’s” authentic approach to the supernatural is also where most of its comedy lies as the audience sees events unfold from Miko’s perspective. Everyone else in the story is oblivious to the monsters, and it’s up to Miko to try and keep her friends and family safe.

Cover art for the first volume of the Mieruko-Chan manga
Cover art for the first volume of the Mieruko-Chan manga. Mieruko-Chan JP Website

A short teaser trailer was released on YouTube courtesy of KADOKAWAanime.

“Mieruko-chan’s” story will focus on Miko’s daily life as she tries to live with the horrific monsters that only she can see.

The manga has received generally positive reception from its readers, with the audience praising both horror and comedy aspects of the series. Reviewers from the MyAnimeList site praised “Mieruko-chan’s” art style and pacing, with some reviews commending the fleshed-out characters and the deeper thematic implications that some of the chapters have.

The “Mieruko-chan” anime has no clear release date as of yet, but viewers can expect it to air before the year ends.