Hostess Twinkie snack cakes are on display at a store July 15, 2013, Pico Rivera, California. Hostess Brands just debuted its new 'make at home' Deep Fried Twinkies. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Hostess has taken the fried Twinkie from sacred carnival treat to household dessert. The pastry company has found a way to offer its customers an alternative to the fried snacks that do not require the use of an actual deep-fryer.

On Friday, Hostess Brands released its new Deep Fried Twinkies – pre-fried, frozen snacks that can be made at home. The new Twinkies come coated in funnel cake batter and oil and are immediately frozen and packaged.

The new Twinkies can be purchased in the frozen foods section at Wal-Mart exclusively, reported the Associated Press. After three months, the fried Twinkies will become available at other store locations. Vice president of marketing at Hostess Brands Ellen Copaken also revealed that the treats could even be marketed abroad eventually.

A box of seven Twinkies will cost $4.76.

Customers just have to bake the treats at 350 degrees for six to eight minutes, although they can also be prepared in a toaster oven.

Twinkies were discontinued back in 2012 after Hostess filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The pastry cakes were brought back in 2013 after private equity firms Apollo Global Management and Metropoulous & Co. laid out a $410 million deal with the company.

Since Twinkies’ comeback, Hostess has collaborated with major brands like Wal-Mart to create limited-edition Twinkies snacks. Previous limited-edition recipes for Wal-Mart included a mint chocolate-flavored cake, which debuted in December 2015, and a “Key Lime Slime” Twinkie for the new “Ghostbusters,” film which hit theaters last month.

In honor of the Hostess Brand’s new deep-fried treat, we rounded up five of the most insane fried Twinkie recipes from the internet. From the Bourbon-infused to the bacon-wrapped, here are five recipes you can try ASAP (or attempt to try, as some of the listed are proprietary recipes).

  1. Bacon-wrapped Deep Fried Twinkies: A fail-safe party favorite, the bacon-wrapped Twinkie is for the bacon lovers. Check out The Wall Street Journal's recipe here.
  2. Bourbon-infused Deep Fried Twinkies: These Twinkies are drizzled in bourbon before they are deep fried. Thrillist reports the full recipe here.
  3. Deep Fried Twinkie Bacon Burger: This particular delicacy was brought to you by Philadelphia-based restaurant PYT. Their Twinkie burger is comprised of a custom-blend pork belly patty topped with bacon and American cheese, all sandwiched between two deep fried Twinkie "buns."
  4. Deep Fried Corn Flake Beer-battered Twinkies: For a little added crunch and extra flavor, try this beer-battered corn flake recipe from GardenFork.TV.
  5. Twix-stuffed Fried Twinkie (The “Twinx”): The legendary "Twinx" (a deep fried Twinkie stuffed with a Twix bar), made its debut at the Great New York State Fair at food truck, Fried Specialties.