U.S. President Donald Trump (center) and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price (left) enter the U.S. Capitol, March 21, 2017. Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on a controversial Republican healthcare bill Thursday with the aim to repeal and replace key parts of former President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan. However, not everyone is happy with the hasty manner in which the vote is being held.

Republican political consultant John Weaver, who worked with Sen. John McCain during his 2000 and 2008 presidential campaigns, took to Twitter to warn the GOP against voting for the healthcare bill without careful consideration as it was already “dead on arrival” in the senate.

“Trump/Ryan are forcing a vote, which will cause the GOP to lose the House, for a bill that is friggin DOA in the Senate. #HubrisandStupid” he wrote in a tweet Wednesday. In another tweet, he wrote, “More importantly than election outcomes, some people will die, some will suffer, some will go bankrupt if this bill ever became law. #FACT”

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The House’s minority leader has also expressed similar views over the Obamacare replacement that the GOP is confident of passing in the house Thursday.

“If Republicans pass Trumpcare, Americans with pre-existing conditions will be pushed off their insurance and segregated into high risk pools – where they will face soaring costs, worse coverage, and restricted care,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. “Trumpcare spells heart-stopping premium increases for Americans with anything from asthma to cancer. It’s a frightening future for families who need affordable, dependable health care the most.”

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), in analyzing an earlier version of the bill, projected that it would result in 24 million more Americans being uninsured by 2026 than would be the case if Obamacare remained in place as is. The CBO also estimated that premiums for individual health plans would spike by 15 to 20 percent higher in 2018 and 2019 than if Obamacare remained in effect in current form.

In March, a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report on the Republicans initial healthcare bill revealed that the number of people without health insurance will grow by 14 million in 2018 and rise to 24 million over the next 10 years.

The non partisan agency estimates what the bill will cost, and how it will affect premiums and the number of people covered by insurance. The damning figures produced by it in March led to the downfall of the earlier bill but the bill being voted upon in the House has not been analyzed by the CBO yet.

“Forcing a vote without a CBO score shows that Republicans are terrified of the public learning the full consequences of their plan to push Americans with pre-existing conditions into the cold,” Pelosi said in her statement. “But tomorrow, House Republicans are going to tattoo this moral monstrosity to their foreheads, and the American people will hold them accountable.”

The Republican decision to try and get the bill passed in the House without a CBO report has been criticized by many in the opposition.

If the bill is passed by the House, it will move to the Senate, where it may face an even tougher resistance.