How is automation in private aviation changing and how is technology improving the marketplace? pixabay.com

The aviation industry is going through a lot of change and all for a better and enriched experience for the passengers. Starting from luxurious inflight experience to superior entertainment services, passengers can expect a lot more in the coming days for a world class experience in the private aviation sector.

The two more factors that are contributing towards making private aviation, the next big thing are automation and improved technology. These factors will not just ensure a better customer experience but also improved visibility in the marketplace, lower cost and also a growing margin of safety.

With increased automation in the aviation sector, different systems and technologies are utilize, thereby reducing human interface. And, these new technologies ensure that tasks are performed with great precision and in the most perfect manner. In the private aviation sector, the first company to launch a SAAS marketplace is Stratos, an ARGUS Certified Charter Broker (Since 2014). This prestigious charter company is renowned across the world for its first class jet service.

Here are some of the benefits of the marketplace model in the private aviation sector:

  • Real time tracking: With the marketplace model, the availability of aircraft and also its pricing can be tracked on real time basis.
  • Low price with maximum visibility: The marketplace model promotes transparency so there is maximum visibility into the aircraft price and this in turn ensures lower pricing.
  • Choose the best option: Customers can choose from the different aircraft providers with the marketplace model and find the best aircraft as per their requirement.
  • Easy access to travel history and upcoming travel plans: With the single platform, customers can track their past travel details as well as future travel plans, all in one platform.
  • Handy details for present travel plans: With all travel details in one place, present travel plans can be checked anytime and anywhere without an hassle.
  • Concierge service: A n in-built Concierge service for better passenger experience.
  • Access to JetOn demand program: With the JetOn demand program, customers get access to the safety screened private jet service along with benefits like:
    • 24 hour live support
    • Private flight advisor for making the most informed buying decision.
    • Coordinators who provide trip support and offers a more organized travel plan.
    • Access to real time based pricing and availability
    • The Flight Radar© Technology analyses the availability of aircraft and its positioning for more options for the customers and at much better prices.
    • For complete coverage, this program offers access to more than 600 safety screened air carriers.
    • With the option of making bookings through mobile apps, making travel plans can be made even more easily.
    • Travel itineraries, flight history invoices as well as account statements can be easily accessed at any time.
    • This program allows customers to compare the hourly rates of all the leading jets.
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