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Graphic design
Graphic designers are in demand now more than ever. Pixabay

Graphic design is one of the most rewarding creative careers in the modern world. Graphic designers are visual communicators, who create visual concepts by hand or by using computer software. They communicate ideas to inspire, inform, or captivate consumers through both physical and virtual art forms that include images, videos ot words.

By using a variety of media, they communicate a particular idea or identity. These media include fonts, shapes, colors, images, print design, photography, animation, logos and billboards. Graphic designers often collaborate on projects with artists, multimedia animators, and other creative professionals.

With all there is to know about graphics design, we can't blame you if you get a little overwhelmed. We're here to show you what resources and tools you can use if you want to become a graphic designer.

Visual Prowess

Stunning visuals take designs to another level. Steve Johnson

A graphics designer needs, first and foremost, a good eye for design. You simply can't come up with compelling and engaging designs if you don't have this skill. Luckily for you, it is a skill, and skills can be honed and developed. All you need is the proper inspiration.

One of the greatest visual indicators that graphic designers use is an iconic font. Fonts are also one of the most powerful contributors to a brand's identity. A good example is Coca-Cola. One look at that iconic font is all it takes for you to instantly recognize what you're looking at. You can experiment with a few font packs when starting your design.

thehungryJPEG has all your graphic design needs

You can also experiment and add different textures to your fonts to give them a little bit of flair and character. We absolutely love this grafitti-esque font pack from thehungryJPEG. It just oozes so much character and we bet that you won't have much trouble coming up with some sweet designs to accompany this rad font.

Street Rush
The Street Rush font pack adds a rugged feel to your design.

Education, Traning, and Experience

You can't be a good graphic artist without these three things. As the saying goes, "Knowledge without practice is naive, practice without knowledge is suicide." Motivational words, indeed.

We've gone ahead and looked at some online courses and so far, the best we've had experience with is the courses from They've got it all including basic and advanced courses on programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Photoshop, all wonderful platforms to learn graphic design on.

Goskills allows you to learn all the basics of graphic design.

Resources and Software

This is a graphic designer's bread and butter. Assets, texture packs, brushes, color palettes, plugins and more.

With the proper resources, you'll have no trouble coming up with inspired designs that will look at home on any gigantic billboard.

ThehungryJPEG also offers a variety of add-ons for you to tinker and experiment with. We especially like this custom Summer Lightroom Preset that makes photos pop with the glow of summer.

They also have this Oriental Pattern Pallete that just elevates any design to a whole other level. It combines modern aesthetics with ornate patterns to create something new altogether.

Oriental Geo Patterns
Combine the old and new with this geometric pattern

Why Being a Graphic Designer is Awesome

Of course, we can't let you leave without showing you some of the awesome benefits that come with being a graphic designer.

1. The freedom to express your imagination

The biggest benefit of being a graphic designer is that you have the liberty to express your imagination and creativity to their fullest. Whatever you imagine and visualize can be put in the form of display for others to appreciate, admire and sometimes criticize.

2. Learning new techniques and skills

Given that you're in the design industry, there are plenty of new skills and techniques for you to learn. Different projects require different approaches and this gives you an opportunity to explore new methods and learn something new every day.

3. Chance to meet new designers

Meeting fellow designers opens up the opportunity to learn from them and keep yourself updated. You can even exchange ideas and processes and interact with them regarding ongoing projects which could prove beneficial for you in the long run.

4. Opportunity to work with reputable companies

A graphic designer has various opportunities to work with prestigious companies, having said that, you can enhance your portfolio and make it even stronger. Clients prefer working with designers who have strong and creative portfolios.

5. Stable income

When you’re employed you will get a stable income, even if the project is simple and easy you will still get paid. As long as you do your work, you will have a stable income.

6. You can freelance

When you are freelancing, you are never short on work because it's you that's actively seeking it. By building a good network with people, you can land yourself with lots of lucrative and creatively rewarding projects from clients.

We hope that after reading this article, your doubts about pursuing this career is gone with the wind. Good luck!