Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston continues her modest streak by shielding her new sparkler from the public eye, but we just can't help but compare her newest bauble from fiancé Justin Theroux to the one she received from ex-husband Brad Pitt in 1999 -- a courtship that now seems to have occurred eons ago.

According to Life & Style, Theroux doled out a hefty sum for his sweetheart. The ring is said to weigh 8 carats with an immense "emerald-cut diamond" at its center. The shape is "rectangle with tapered diamond baguettes on the sides."

Brad Pitt's choice was no snoozer either. Designed by Italian jeweler Silvia Damiani, it was estimated to cost around $500,000. "He wanted the ring to be tactile and the stones to be set on different levels. The overall shape is related to the concept of a heart and it is a symbol of eternity," reported Life & Style.

But this isn't a battle of which suitor gave Aniston the biggest, priciest ring. She seems genuinely happy with Theroux and would probably be over the moon with a more modest gem.

Aniston and Theroux had their first encounter on the set of the comedy "Wanderlust" in May 2011, and have been dating since.

This is the first engagement for Theroux, and off course, Aniston's second.

During their marriage, Pitt and Aniston filed a $50 million lawsuit against Italian jewelry designer Silvia Damiani and Damiani International, which claimed that the jeweler reproduced and sold replicas of their wedding bands for $1,000 apiece. According to People magazine "The bands for the stars were made in white gold. Ten diamonds join Pitt's ring, which is engraved, "Jen 2000." Aniston's ring has 20 diamonds and reads "Brad 2000."