The Samsung Galaxy S8 hits the shelves Friday. If you are looking to buy one, or maybe two, you might want to consider Sprint’s two-for-one offer, which starts the same day.

“The launch of GS8 is an important milestone for both the Sprint network and the global HPUE ecosystem,” John Saw, chief technology officer for Sprint said in the press release.

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The carrier announced Thursday it will giving customers the option to lease two Galaxy S8 handsets for the price of one, however,  you will need to get a new line activated. Simply put, you will either have to change your existing plan or opt for two new lines from the carrier. This entails that leasing out two S8 will cost you just $31.25 as you will be refunded for the second phone each month until your account is active. You need to keep in mind that this is an 18-month lease and you don’t end up owning the phones. The offer begins Friday and ends Thursday.

If you are not looking to make any changes to your current plan, this offer is not for you — it seems to be designed for people who want to upgrade their phones every year, whenever the new Galaxy S handset is released.

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The company has also put out a ‘Galaxy Forever’ offer in which it will let you upgrade to the latest Galaxy device anytime after you are done with 12 lease payments i.e. you will easily be able to switch from Galaxy S8 to Galaxy S9, whenever it comes out. In addition to this offer, the carrier is also offering an ‘Unlimited Freedom’ plan with the device, which includes:

  • Unlimited data, voice calls and texting for $50 per month for the first line
  • Two lines at $40 per month per line
  • Four lines at $30 per line
  • HD streaming for video, music and gaming
  • 10GB per month per line mobile hotspot data

Sprint is also hosting an ‘Amazing Sweepstakes’ offer in which lucky customers will win $5,000 Samsung TV and other prizes.