“How I Met Your Mother” is airing its series finale on Monday, March 31. And while we are devastated to say goodbye to our favorite gang, we have to admit—we’re pretty excited to see how the final episode, “Last Forever,” will play out. So many questions are racing through our minds! How will Ted meet his future wife? Will Cristin Milioti’s character be killed off during the one hour special? Who will get the last line of the nine season-long series?

And because we can’t answer any of those questions, we’ve decided to turn our curiosity into a “HIMYM” bingo board game. So, how do you play “HIMYM” bingo? Well, it’s kind of like Barney’s Party School bingo.

The legendary “HIMYM” character devised a game that he plays each year by himself. Barney takes the top twenty-five parts schools in America (as determined each year by Playboy) and makes a bingo card. Every time the bro sleeps with a girl who’s a student from one of those schools, he marks it on the bingo card. His goal is to get five squares in a row to get “bingo” and win.

However, instead of party schools we’re using 25 of the most iconic (and potential) moments from “HIMYM” history. Print out a blank bingo chart HERE for you and you friends and fill in the blank boxes with any of the 25 memorable scenes below (or make up your own theories for the finale). Once your board is filled you’re ready to start watching the series finale!

1. Yellow Umbrella appears

2. Robin Sparkles is mentioned

3. Lily says "Thank you" to Linus

4. Ted cries

5. Someone takes a sip of Glen McKenna

6. Ted talks about moving to Chicago

7. Rashid appears

8. Barney says “legen-wait for it-dary”

9. Ted finally meets the Mother

10. Canada is mentioned

11. Lily and Marshall talk about Italy

12. A guest star from “HIMYM” past appears

13. Barney says “Suit Up”

14. Pineapple appears

15. The mother plays the ukulele

16. Intervention

17. Ted’s kids in the future

18. Flashback

19. Flashforward

20. MacLaren’s bar

21. The Mother dies

22. Barney’s Playbook

23. Bro Code

24. Patrice cries

25. Honeymoon Scene

Here's what your bingo board should look like:

How I Met Your Mother Bingo Put your bingo skills to the test when you watch the series finale of "How I Met Your Mother." Photo: IBTimes

As the hour long episode airs, mark off a square each time a moment in your box appears on the screen whether it’s a mention of Robin Sparkles or an appearance from a guest star. Once your bingo board game has five boxes marked either vertically, horizontally and diagonally shout out “BINGO” and win the game! Do you think you’re the baddest bingo bro? Play and find out!

If you’re 21+ and feeling a bit adventurous, you can do your own rendition of the “but..umm” drinking game, too. Pick a catch phrase a take a shot every time a character utters that line. Just be responsible. You don’t want to wake up the next day with a butterfly tattoo!

Have any “HIMYM” themed games? Let us know how you’ll be celebrating the series finale in the comments section below.