She is perhaps one of the most well-liked members of the royal family, but according to experts, it is no accident that the public adores Kate Middleton and sees her as approachable and friendly.

According to Express UK, the Duchess of Cambridge mimics techniques she has picked up from Queen Elizabeth II over the year, and that has made her more approachable and makes her seem genuinely ecstatic to greet well-wishers in a crowd.

“From observing their styles, I think Kate is adapting similar facial expressions and is interacting with her surroundings similar to that of The Queen,” photographer Rachell Smith told the publication. “Kate is very relaxed and seems to enjoy meeting people.”

One of the ways she reportedly mimics the Queen is by properly executing a wave which shows delight in greeting the public, but also assures she doesn’t ruin her clothing by doing so.

“Her arm is the perfect height and elbow slightly bends and her hand is in an upright ‘hi’ gesture,” Smith said. “Notice how natural she makes it look, her shoulders are relaxed and her hand is level with the middle of her face, this is a great insider tip and Catherine always ensures her head is not too high or low.”

Overall, Smith said that the simple mimicking of the wave also makes the Duchess appear more friendly to the public and gives her a more approachable vibe, but it also creates another benefit, because along with great posture, everything helps her photograph better. According to stylist Stacey Troke, who also spoke to Express, it is clear the Duchess pays close attention to carrying herself well.

“Very good posture is also key when getting photographed as is shifting weight through your hips from side to side to create three-dimension in the body,” Troke said.

The comments about Middleton’s mimicking the Queen come as many speculate she will be fulfilling her role as future Queen Consort sooner rather than later. Not only do rumors continue to run rampant which suggest Queen Elizabeth will retire when she turns 95 in 2021, but recently, reports have suggested that she will actually bypass giving the crown to her son, Prince Charles, when her time as Queen comes to an end, and that she is actually going to install Prince William as her heir.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton visits The Foundling Museum on March 19, 2019 in London. Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland