• Keeping the brain healthy is as important as keeping the body fit
  • There are supplements that you can take to ensure that the brain stays healthy
  • Among these supplements is turmeric

The brain plays a tremendous role in ensuring that you live a quality life. When you have a healthy brain, you tend to make the right decisions. Unwanted consequences can happen when the brain is not in tip-top shape.

According to an Express report, there are certain supplements that you can take in order to maintain the health of your brain. These supplements could help your brain functions that are vital to language, thinking, memory, and judgment, and could also stave off a cognitive decline.

B Vitamins

Libby Limon, a UK-based nutritionist, explained how folate plays a huge role in the development of the brain from the fetal stage up to old age. Folate is essential in making red and white blood cells. It also helps in converting carbohydrates into energy. Plus, it also helps in producing RNA and DNA.


supplements for brain health
supplements for brain health stevepb - Pixabay

Turmeric is a very effective anti-inflammatory. It is known that inflammation is one of the primary causes of degenerative brain diseases. In fact, it has shown potential in preventing brain cell damage in certain animal studies.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

According to research, lion’s mane mushrooms can protect you against dementia. It also helps in reducing mild symptoms of anxiety, as well as depression. In addition, it helps repair nerve damage. In a study that involved mice, the lion’s mane mushroom appeared to have given mice better recognition memory and object recognition.

Other Tips To Boost Brain Health

Aside from these supplements, there are other ways on how you can give your brain a huge boost. This would include eating the right kind of diet, especially foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Nuts have also been regarded as among those that are good for the brain.

Health experts also recommend that you give yourself ample time to exercise. Exercise helps prompt the growth of new nerve cells and helps increase the connection between brain cells.

It is also advised that you try to lower your blood pressure and blood cholesterol because doing so can help prevent cognitive decline. Plus, you must try to avoid tobacco and alcohol. These are harmful to the body and must be expelled from your system.