Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner is showing support for her brother-in-law, Kanye West. In this photo, the supermodel attends #REVOLVEfestival Day 1 on April 14, 2018 in La Quinta, California. Getty Images/Roger Kisby

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” stars are a united group. Even after Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West became the subject of criticisms because of his controversial tweets and comments about President Donald Trump and slavery, among many other things, they are still backing him up.

Kendall, in particular, highlighted one of West’s tweets and captioned it with “yup.”

She also wore a $925 Yeezy cardigan sweater, which featured a lion print on the back. It also had the word “Calabasas” emblazoned on it. She was wearing the sweater while filming an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” with her sister Kourtney.

Kendall and Kourtney even had some fun Snapchatting while watching West’s interview with HeartRadio’s The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne tha God. During the talk, Kanye talked about his mental breakdown and hospitalization after Kim got robbed in Paris.

“I think I’m in a stronger place than I ever was after the breakdown, or I like to say the breakthrough,” the rapper shared. “[I was] stressing things that create validation that I didn’t need to worry about as much. The concept of competition, and being in competition with so many elements at one time.”

He added that his 2016 “breakdown” was bad enough, but his wife’s traumatic robbery really pushed him over the edge. West shared that he went on that trip to protect his wife, but he later left her thinking everything would be okay. But they weren’t.

“One of the things that she said that she heard was that they were coming to rob her and they had to wait til’ I had left. The people had been strategizing and scheming on that for a long time. So when she finally got to Paris by herself, they were like, ‘Okay, this is our chance.’ The robbery — I don’t know where that came from. Was there a bigger plan, a bigger setup?” he shared.

Meanwhile, Kim is also standing by her man even as he is being difficult and “manic.” A source close to the family told People that West’s an amazing person, but when he’s acting up, it creates tension for everyone. Because of this, his wife is very concerned.

“Kim is absolutely worried about him right now, but she will defend him publicly to the end,” the source said. “She’s a very loyal wife, and her tweets and everything she’s been saying is definitely very calculated to help Kanye.”