Disney’s big-budget “Mulan” remake became one of the biggest studio films to move to streaming, but its method of doing so raised eyebrows. Starting Sept. 4, Disney+ subscribers were able to pay a $29.99 “Premiere Access” fee on top of their monthly fee to unlock the blockbuster, roughly three months ahead of its debut for all users.

Many questioned how willing users would be to spend that much money – the most asked for any post-pandemic PVOD release – for something on a platform they already pay for. However, newly released data seems to have revealed that the premium title has performed admirably, Yahoo News reports.

According to a report from 7Park Data, approximately 29% of Disney+ subscribers in the U.S. have paid the Premiere Access toll and watched the new “Mulan.” Data was not collected for other countries where the film was released to streaming. The film was also released to theaters in countries without Disney+, like China.

Up-to-date official figures are not available for the number of subscribers that Disney+ has in the U.S. specifically. Disney reported 60.5 million worldwide subscribers as of Aug. 3, according to Deadline.

In its report, 7Data used estimates to get some rough idea of how many accounts bought the film, working off the notion that around half of all Disney+ subscribers were from the U.S. Using this estimate, around 30.25 million, that equals out to around 8.77 million users in the U.S. that bought Premiere Access to “Mulan.”

Further estimating, with the $29.99 price tag in mind, “Mulan” might have made roughly $263 million so far in the U.S. If accurate, this would put the film’s streaming revenue comfortably ahead of the film’s blockbuster $200 million budget and leagues ahead of its abysmal worldwide theatrical gross, $37.6 million.

It is important to note that all of these figures are estimates. Disney has not released any viewership data for “Mulan,” and in general, companies have not been forthcoming about streaming views and VOD grosses in the modern media landscape.

Mulan Disney Plus Premier Access
Yifei Liu stars in the 2020 version of "Mulan," available on Disney+. Disney