When Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in 2018, some royal experts noted that their union went against royal traditions since she was divorced. However, like Prince Charles, Harry was determined to marry the woman he loved despite the opposition.

Now that the couple has had time to adjust to their new life, a relationship expert claims Meghan will not allow the romance to define her. While some newlyweds are optimistic about marriage, Meghan’s divorce from her first husband, Trevor Engelson, has affected the way she approached her relationship with Prince Harry.

Relationship expert, Sami Wunder told Express.co.uk that Meghan won’t allow her marriage to affect her independence.

“It is easy to see that Meghan is not looking for Harry or this marriage to complete her. She may have given up her Hollywood career due to royal protocol, but the woman continues to keep herself busy and involved with several charitable interests and even flew all the way to New York to enjoy her baby shower with her own set of personal friends,” she told the outlet.

“She is not going to be the woman that looks up to Prince Harry to fulfill each and every one of her needs, as many first time married women would do.”

Meghan married Engelson 2011, but the two divorced in 2013. Wunder believes Meghan’s marriage to the producer has influenced the way she handles her marriage with Prince Harry.

“I believe that having navigated a bad divorce, Meghan cherishes and values the love and support she has found in Prince Harry and understands that marriage is not just about the glorious moments but also about embracing the imperfections, warts and all that come as a result of the union,” the YouTube personality revealed.

“Lastly, without going into the details of the mistakes that happened in the first marriage, Meghan is a woman, who would have learned from them, without a doubt. This learning and wisdom and experience she brings to her marriage with Prince Harry, which can only be a good thing.”

Wunder went on to suggest that Meghan’s failed marriage may be the key to a successful marriage with Harry.

“While there is no magic formula that can predict whether a second marriage will be successful or not, it is true that recovering from a first bad marriage can actually make you into a better, richer, wiser and more mature person,” she explained.

Over the weekend, Meghan and Prince Harry appeared to be in great spirits. The couple put on a united front as they attended a Remembrance Day event alongside members of the royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan visited a Cape Town rights group fighting gender violence. POOL / Courtney AFRICA