Is it 1996 again? Everyone is talking about Pokémon Go, a new game available on iOS and Android devices that allows players to “capture, battle and trade” virtual Pokémon who can be found in the “real world.” The game was released on July 6 and had over 50,000 downloads within its first 24 hours of being live.

While some are busy trying to “catch ‘em all,” others have been reminiscing about their old collection of Pokémon cards. Check out what some of those collectible cards are worth now!


If you own a “shadowless” 1st edition Alakazam card you’re looking at roughly $200. However, some of the other editions aren’t worthless. Another hologram card is selling on eBay for just under $15.


Charmander, Charmeleon … Charizard. This flame Pokémon was the game mascot for the Red and FireRed versions of the game and could potentially be worth a lot of money if you have the original holographic card. It’s being sold for anywhere from $60 to $2,600.


An original Pokémon card doesn’t always mean you have a gold mine on your hands. First edition Jigglypuff cards are fetching under $2 on eBay. The Wigglytuff, the evolved version of Jigglypuff, isn’t worth that much more. Holographic first edition cards range from $5 to $18.


Krabby is a River Crab that can evolve into Kingler, a pincer. Generally 1st editions of this card are sold for under $2, however, one eBay user has his card marked at $5,000 due to a potential printing error. According to this user, printing errors are rare because they’re generally destroyed during production. Twelve people are currently watching this item.


Keep a look out for little symbols on your cards. One symbol to watch for is a gold foil “W” stamp. These cards were reprints, but only a limited amount was made. While reprints generally aren’t worth anything, your Pokémon cards may still be valuable, like this Pikachu card being sold on eBay for just under $10. One hundred eBay users are watching the card and 90 have already sold.


This mean looking water Pokémon evolved from the ever-adorable Poliwhirl. The type of card you have really matters. A holographic card from the base set may only bring in around $4.99, however, a first edition holographic card from 1999 could fetch $135.


If you own a holographic Venusaur card then put it on eBay. People are actually placing bids on these cards. Of course, the eBay sellers aren’t making millions, but some bids are up to $15. It’s not big bucks — But it’s better than just throwing them out!