Verizon Wireless fees are about to get pricier. Reuters

It’s about to get a little more expensive to be a Verizon Communications subscriber. The nation’s largest mobile network, which is already known for pricey service contracts for smartphones, plans to raise its activation and upgrade fees next Thursday, Phone Scoop reported.

To offset lowered smartphone prices due to the subsidies carriers offer, many usually charge customers activation or upgrade fees for each new two-year contract. Verizon’s activation fee has been $35 for the past 10 years but will increase to $40. The network’s upgrade fee has been $30 since 2012, and will increase to $40.

"These fees are not unique to Verizon and help offset costs associated with upgrades, activations, and other operational costs," Verizon spokesperson David Samberg told Phone Scoop. "Verizon Wireless is committed to the fees remaining competitive within the wireless industry."

Verizon plans not affected by the increase include prepaid plans and the Verizon Edge equipment installment plan. Verizon Edge users are not charged activation or upgrade fees.

AT&T Inc. increased its activation fee from $36 to $40 last summer, while Sprint’s activation fee has been $36 for some time. T-Mobile does not charge an activation fee for its Simple Choice plans; however, the network does charge customers $15 for a SIM starter kit with the purchase of any new smartphone. T-Mobile increased the price of its SIM starter kit from $10 to $15 in November. The network’s classic plans include activation fees.