Karlie Redd
Karlie Redd appears on the VH1 reality series “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” The television personality is pictured attending Young Thugs 25th Birthday and PUMA Campaign on Aug. 15, 2016 in Atlanta. Prince Williams/Getty Images

Since “Love & Hip: Atlanta” debuted in 2012, one thing has remained a mystery: How old is Karlie Redd? The cast member, who gained attention for her messy behavior and a big mouth, has refused to confirm her age, and fans of the show continue to remain in the dark about just how old she really is.

Karlie is expected to celebrate another year of life on April 15, however, the number of years she has under her belt is up for debate. In the past, Karlie’s castmates have criticized her age, claiming she is close to being middle-aged and attempting to hide the truth.

On “LHHATL” Season 1, former cast member K.Michelle claimed Karlie was 40 years old, but the VH1 star avoided confirming her age by brushing off the negative comments as jealousy.

“I look better than all of them girls on the show. So I don’t care what anybody says. As long as I look good and feel good I’m not tripping about what nobody has to say,” she previously told Chicago’s 107.5.


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In the summer of 2010, Karlie appeared on a former VH1 competition series called “Scream Queens.” On the show, female contestants competed for a role in the film“Saw 3.” At the time, the reality star went by the name Karlie Lewis and was listed as 29 years old. That would mean Karlie would be around 37 in 2018.

In 2015, the star stripped down for an interview with Playboy, where the publication reportedly confirmed she was 37 years old. This would make her 40 years old on Sunday, which would coincide with Google’s record of her age.

According to Google, the star will be turning 40 on April 15 and was born in 1978. During an appearance on the“Don’t Be Scared” podcast in 2016, Karlie confirmed her birthday was April 15 but wouldn’t confirm the year.

However, she did say hackers constantly change her age on the site. The reality star alleged that the company offered her money to tell them her real age because it was a popular search, “especially when the season comes around.”

“Today I’m 48, tomorrow I’m 50. My birthday is April 15, the other day it was [listed as] April 2. Google contacted me and said, ‘Look here we got a check for you sweetheart,’” she said at the time.

Even though she didn’t reveal whether she took the payday from Google and coughed up her true birthday, Karlie did say she was not a middle-aged woman just yet. “No I’m not 50,” she said.

“I am absolutely not 50, nowhere near 50, not even close,” she added.