Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Prince William
kept Princess Diana’s promise years after her death. Pictured: Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Prince William gather for the commemorations of VJ Day on Aug. 19, 1995, in London. Getty Images/Johnny Eggitt

Prince Harry kept Princess Diana’s promise years after her death.

According to Katie Nicholl in 2017 book “Harry: Life, Loss, and Love,” the late Princess of Wales made a promise that the Duke of Sussex kept two decades after her tragic demise. The promise has something to do with mines.

“During her trip to Bosnia just weeks before she died, Diana had met two young boys named Zarko and Malic, who had been injured by mines,” Nicholl wrote.

According to the royal biographer, Prince Harry met both at Kensington Palace. He also reminded them of his mother’s promise that he aimed to continue.

“When my mother said goodbye to Zarko that August, just weeks before her untimely death, she told him he would not be forgotten,” Prince Harry said.

“Please help me keep her word to Zarko and Malic, and other people like them throughout the world, who still need us to finish the job and rid the planet of landmines,” he added.

Jane Cocking, chief executive officer of the Mines Advisory Group told Nicholl that Prince Harry’s speech was “powerful” and “quite extraordinary.” Cocking added that it was very personal than they expected. She also felt that Prince Harry had a difficult time to deliver it.

Prince Harry was very close to his mom and her death really affected him. It made him and Prince William closer. However, both also admitted that they regret their last phone call with the People’s Princess.

Meghan Markle’s husband even considered his last conversation with Princess Diana his “lifelong regret.” In 1997, Princess Diana called her sons who were spending their summer in Balmoral. Prince William and Prince Harry were in a rush to end their conversation because they wanted to go back to playing with their cousins, Zara and Peter Phillips.

Prince Harry confessed that he could no longer remember what he said to his mom, but he admitted that he was “regretting” how that phone call ended.

Prince William and Prince Harry said that if they only knew it would be their last chance to talk to their mom, their conversation would have turned longer. Kate Middleton’s husband said that the phone call sticks to his mind “quite heavily.”