Kate Middleton, Prince William and Kids
The way Kate Middleton, Prince William raise their kids is not very different from what most parents do. Pictured: Royal Family during a private break skiing at an undisclosed location in the French Alps on Mar. 3, 2016. JOHN STILLWELL/AFP/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton may be part of the royal family, but the way they take care of Prince George and Princess Charlotte is pretty much like how other parents take care of their child.

Contrary to speculations, Prince William and Middleton are not very strict with their children. In fact, they play with them whenever necessary, and they are also very hands-on with their two kids.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are also allowed to use their iPads, but only for a limited time. They may use the gadget when they are on long trips so that they will stay quiet on the plane. Prince William previously shared that Prince George was a huge fan of “Peppa Pig,” but he is now obsessed with “Fireman Sam.”

The Duke of Cambridge also said during an interview with he does arts and crafts with his kids. Prince George and Princess Charlotte even made personalized gifts for their Gan-Gan, Queen Elizabeth II, on her 91st birthday.

Middleton clarified that she’s actually the one who helped their kids with their arts and crafts. Prince William hilariously replied, “This is putting the marriage on the line.”

Prince William and Middleton also take their kids to the National History Museum in London as often as possible just like other parents who want their kids to be cultured. In 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge said, “George loves three dimensional sculptures. He does come here quite often.”

The doting parents also want to raise their kids as people who can openly talk about their feelings. This is also in connection with Prince William, Middleton and Prince Harry’s Heads Together campaign.

Middleton has also turned to the Internet for questions about her relationship with Prince William, as well as to ask tips about raising her kids. She uses a pseudonym and has asked on one occasion whether or not cartoons before bedtime should be allowed.

And when Prince George started going to school, Prince William and Middleton wanted to make sure he will have a normal experience. Whenever possible, they would personally pick him up outside the school’s gate.