Prince William and Prince Harry grew up to be very close to each other even though their personalities are quite different.

Years later, Prince William’s two older children, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte, have also become very close to each other.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams discussed the bond between the two royal siblings and said that they are quite similar in some way.

“We know William and Harry were tremendously close as brothers but were very different temperamentally. William was more self-contained and was the elder brother, Harry was the rebellious naughty one,” he told Express.

In the book “Meghan and Harry: The Baby Years,” royal author Ingrid Seward said that Prince William and Prince Harry grew up knowing that they will have very different roles when they get older. The Duke of Sussex also knew that he was just second to his older brother.

“The Queen Mother used to say, ‘Come on William come and sit next to me’, and little Harry would be completely left out. Harry has always known he was number two. And obviously, Diana was very anxious that he shouldn’t feel that… Other members of the Royal Family were very conscious he was number two,” she said.

Meanwhile, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are very close in age as well. They are also close despite their very different personalities. Prince George is known to be more reserved than his younger sister. Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, is more outgoing.

But one difference they have from Prince William and Prince Harry is the fact that they still don’t know their future roles. Prince William and Kate Middleton have not explained to Prince George that he will become King one day.

And as such, Princess Charlotte may not have any idea that she’s only second to her older brother. By the looks of it, the 4-year-old simply thinks that the only difference she and Prince George have is their age.