Princess Diana had her own rules when it comes to parenting.

The late Princess of Wales had always wanted to give her two sons Prince William and Prince Harry a normal life despite being a royal. By trying to do so, she broke a lot of rules.

Gayle King revealed on CBS News Special “Meghan and Harry Plus One” how Princess Diana broke the rules to give the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex the lives that children their age enjoy.

“With her outings to amusement parks, days at the beach, and trips to homeless shelters to show her boys the other ways of life,” King said.

“Diana broke all the rules of traditional royal child rearing – even dropping her boys off at school herself,” she continued adding that doing so was “unheard of in Prince Charles’ day.”

The Prince and Princess of Wales had different approaches when it comes to parenting. According to Princess Diana’s protection officer Ken Wharfe, the heir apparent had a “problem” with the way she handled their kids.

Princess Diana wanted Prince William and Prince Harry to experience the life outside the palace. She took them to London Underground, and they rode buses and taxis. One time, the bus driver was reportedly surprised when he recognized his royal passengers.

Prince Charles was also reportedly not pleased when he learned that Princess Diana took Prince William and Prince Harry to a burger bar when they have a good chef in the palace.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady recalled an incident when the People’s Princess canceled their lunch because she would take her two sons to McDonald’s. McGrady offered to cook burgers for them, but the mother of two declined and explained that what her sons wanted was the toys, so they have to go there. The chef added that even if Prince William and Prince Harry were royal princes, they still enjoyed regular American foods.

Due to Prince William and Prince Harry’s closeness to their mom, their sympathy was with her every time she and Prince Charles fought. In different occasions, both boys told their father “I hate you” for making Princess Diana cry.