Princess Diana previously refused to join the royal family in one of their regular activities after she tied the knot with Prince Charles.

In the book “Charles: The Untold Story,” royal author Ross Benson said that Princess Diana wasn’t very popular with the royal staff after she wed the future king. As such, the royal family came up with a plan to go out for barbecue to give their servants a night off.

According to Benson, the night off wouldn’t be possible if Princess Diana was around because they had to tend to her needs. However, the mom of two was also struggling with her eating disorder that’s why she refused to join the royal family for a barbecue.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom told the staff that she only eats baked beans and she didn’t realize that one of them had to stay in the palace to cook a special dish for her. After cooking, another staff took the food to her and third staff clean up afterward.

“It was, everyone agreed, bad form on Diana’s part and the Queen was not amused,” Benson said. But to everyone’s surprise, Princess Margaret stuck up for Princess Diana.

“Let her do what she likes she told her sister, the Queen, who dislikes any sort of family disagreement, let the matter rest,” Benson said.

But even though Princess Margaret defended Princess Diana at that time, this didn’t mean that she was fond of the late royal. Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter said that Princess Margaret disliked Prince Charles’ wife because she took the limelight from her older sister.

According to Arbiter, Princess Margaret had the ability to hold a grudge, and she also expected the members of the royal family to behave properly. The royal commentator described the late royal as grand that’s why she couldn’t identify with the Princess of Wales.

Princess Margaret also thought that everything should be about Her Majesty that’s why she supported the Queen until her death.