Prince Charles is destined to ascend the throne when Queen Elizabeth steps down from her role. Although he isn’t King yet, her majesty has slowly been allowing the heir to take over her royal duties.

One royal commentator believes Queen Elizabeth has been giving the press subtle hints about Prince Charles’ new role as he prepares to become King.

According to the Express UK, royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills revealed Queen Elizabeth used Remembrance Day to mark her first step in discreetly transferring her responsibilities over to Prince Charles.

Mills believes the royal family has not publicly addressed the plan for Charles to take Elizabeth’s place because it would start an emotional conversation. “You can understand that for any family it’s difficult thinking of the passing of someone who is much loved within the family,” she explained.

However, the lack of discussion doesn’t mean the Royals aren’t preparing for the future. During Remembrance Day, Queen Elizabeth typically lays a wreath at the cenotaph. However, in 2018, Prince Charles laid the wreath.

Mills revealed the Palace didn’t make a big announcement about the change but slipped the detail into a statement. “Hidden away in that press release was the fact that the Queen wouldn’t be placing her own wreath at the cenotaph. The Prince of Wales would be doing it instead,” the commentator revealed.

“It was a moment where the Queen was passing over a major responsibility that she has carried out every single year since she has been Queen.”

Whenever Queen Elizabeth steps down from the throne, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles will become King and Queen. As a result, Prince William and Kate Middleton will become the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles pose with officers during an official visit to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment at Hyde Park Barracks on October 24, 2017 in London. Getty Images/Chris Jackson