“Are You the One?” host Ryan Devlin is unaware of each season’s perfect matches during filming. MTV

Since its premiere, “Are You the One?” viewers have questioned the authenticity of the MTV dating series. After several seasons of the cast figuring out their perfect matches in the eleventh hour, International Business Times spoke to Season 5 host Ryan Devlin about just how real the reality program is.

“We cannot help or hurt them. That’s just the plain reality,” Devlin told IBT. According to the MTV host, helping the cast find their perfect matches would violate laws.

“This is actually in their hands and what goes beyond that, and this is where the emotion comes in where people say ‘it’s disingenous or it’s rigged,’ is that they’ve managed to win and usually they’ve managed to win it at the end. The reason for that is that actually are playing the game right. They’re learning what’s working for them,” Devlin explained.

After 10 matchup ceremonies, the occasional blackout and several truth booth visits, the odds start to tip in the cast’s favor, says Devlin.

You’ve gone on one-on-one dates, you’ve been sleeping in the same room with these people, you’ve been cooking with them, and partying with them, and fighting with them, and you’re finding what you need in a relationship. When you put all that together and you get down to eight, nine, 10 episodes, you actually start to crack the code.

Despite some viewers belief that Ryan is in-the-know about who the perfect matches are, the 36-year-old claims to be just as in the dark as the rest of viewers.

“If I knew I would probably screw up and accidentally tell somebody,” he dished. “It really allows me to be the voice of the audience. I think that’s why the fans really sometimes get into it.”

Like viewers at home, the The “Are You the One?” Season 5 cast did not get help figuring out their perfect matches are. MTV

Like viewers, Devlin says he’s been surprised by the perfect matches at times and sometimes, even the finale results. “I see it too on social media,” Devlin said, commenting on Season 3’s shocking coin toss ending, which resulted in the contestants winning the shared $750,000 cash prize. “Believe me, I was hoping they didn’t. I didn’t feel like they deserved it,” he said.

Ultimately, Devlin says the contestants can’t fake it to make it. They have to put their heart in the game in order to win.

“If you’re here to find love then you’re going to try and find your perfect match every single time with your heart and with strategy and not try to just game the game, as I tell them when I’m on set. Because you can’t get the game.”

“Are You the One?” Season 5 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.