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One female cast member from “Are You the One?” Season 5 had her heart broken in episode 2. MTV

We’re only two episodes in on “Are You the One?” Season 5 but already things are heating up. Find out if the MTV cast found a perfect match in episode 2 and how they fared during the matchup ceremony in “Playing the Game and Getting Played.”

New Bonds Form

After putting on a party boy persona in the premiere, Mike opens up to Casandra about his hard life. He tells her his mom is broke and his dad living in a physiatric center, making Casandra realizes he’s more than just a “sexy body.”

While new bonds form, others relationship continue to grow. Kathryn tells Ozzy he’s her peace in the house and Taylor and Tyler bond over their shared agreement that everyone else in the house is acting “trashy.” Eddie and Kam agree to take their relationship slowly and Andre and Alicia remain confident they’re a beam of light.

The Challenge

The first getaway challenge has the girls do all the heavy-lifting. Love Stinks blindfolds the women and has them pick out their desired date partner simply by using their sense of smell. The idea is the women will pick the person whose smell attracts them most. Host Ryan Devlin says pheromones can be a big decipher of attraction.

Hannah and Tyler lock in first on the challenge. Alicia, correctly sniffing out Andre, locks in second. Kari and Joey, who has a fling with Carolina, earn the third and final spot.

Relationships Tested

Back at the house, Carolina gets upset about the idea of Joey going on a date with another woman. Joey tells a tearful Carolina he hopes she’s his perfect match and that he would gladly go to the honeymoon suite with her if that was the case. She’s satisfied with his answer and lets it go.

The Dates

The three couples are sent to the beach to go windsurfing. Kari tells Joey she was excited about their date, but Joey makes it clear he’s still interested in Carolina. Kari remains insistent they need to continue to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Andre’s bond remains strong. Andre says he sees them going into the truth booth but that regardless what happens, they’re not going to give up on each other. Hannah’s date with Tyler doesn’t go as well as she’s spotted checking out Andre during the outing.

Truth Booth

Ryan reveals Andre and Alicia received the most votes from the house and will be headed into the truth booth to find out if they’re a perfect match.

Despite their certainty, the booth reveals Andre and Alicia were not a predetermined couples by the matchmakers (more on that process here). Alicia cries when she learns the truth and says she doesn’t understand the results since she’s been genuine throughout the process. Andre says he’s going to continue playing the game.


Andre immediately starts to flirt with Hannah, saying he know feelings will get hurt but he needs to find his perfect match. They later share a kiss in the confessional. Alicia notices their flirtation and confronts him in the kitchen. The women end up dragging Alicia away when the fight escalates.

Andre tells the rest of the house he’s OK with them him and Alicia finding their respective matches. He also accuses the women in the house of not playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

Matchup Ceremony

The second matchup ceremony starts with $1 million on the table. Osvaldo kicks off the ceremony with a wildcard move, choosing Kari. Jaylan does the same thing, picking Kam despite her connection with Eddie. Hayden chooses Taylor, ignoring her strong bond with Tyler. Some big couples still manage to sit together, including Ozzy and Kathryn, Michael and Gianna, Joey and Carolina and Mike and Casandra.

The wildcard picks proves to be too much, however. The cast earns no beams of light out of the 11 pairs and blackout, resulting in the loss of half a million dollars.

Here’s Who Chose Who In Episode 2:












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