Google is getting a bunch of sheep to do its job.

That is, Google Street view is planning on bringing their services to the Faroe Islands with the help of the many sheep there, Google’s 360 degree cameras and some solar panels. The Google team landed last week on the island chain north of the U.K. and in a blog post that is stocked full of sheep puns, they said the animals are leading the way in photographing the lands. They're being helped out by residents who are attaching cameras to all sorts of things from wheelbarrows to kayaks.

The project was actually started three months ago by Faroe Islands resident Durita Andreassen, who set out to document the 18 islands with the sheep. Andreeassen then applied for the Google Street View loan program that “is here to help you share 360 experiences from amazing places” and things progressed from there.

As it turns out, you can visit quite a few quirky and amazing places using Google Street View. Here are a few of the best locations:

Cape Royds, Antarctica

At the Adelie Penguin Rookery, you can see a sunnier-than-expected South Pole landscape with plenty of penguins.

Count Mayo, Ireland

Here you can get a view of Ireland’s Ceide Fields, a picturesque sight of an archaeological site that dates back to the Stone Age. Points of interest include homes, tombs and other 6,000-year-old structures.

The Grand Canyon

If you’ve ever hiked the Grand Canyon, you know it’s tough. If you want to take it easy, you can rely on Google to take a jaunt down Bright Angel Trail in Arizona with these 360 degree views.

The Colosseum

Here you can take a virtual trip inside Rome's ancient stadium.

Palace Of Versailles

With gold adorning every nook and cranny, you can take a virtual tour of the palace built by Louis XIV that really angered poor French people at the time.