Anyone who has felt as though their relationship needed some help will want to tune in for Hallmark Channel’s newest premiere, “How To Train Your Husband,” starring Julie Gonzalo, Jonathan Chase, Karla Mosley and Andre Hall.

Fans will certainly recognize Gonzalo, who is a Bonafide Hallmark star, starring the network’s “Flip That Romance,” “The Sweetest Heart,” “Falling for Vermont” and “Pumpkin Pie Wars” in recent years. However, she may also be recognizable from her early 2000s roles in the movies “Freaky Friday,” “A Cinderella Story” and “Christmas With the Kranks,” or her recent portrayals of Parker Lee on “Veronica Mars” and Andrea Rojas on “Supergirl.” As for Chase, some might recognize him from Hallmark Drama’s “Strawberry Summer” or the show “Love Thy Neighbor.”

As for the show’s other central couple, Hall is likely also recognizable from “Love Thy Neighbor,” while soap opera fans will definitely know Mosley, who is best recognized for her roles as Christina Moore on “Guiding Light” and Maya Avant on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

So what will happen in this film when a Hallmark vet teams up with the rest of the cast? According to a synopsis, plenty of self-discovery.

“Jillian (Gonzalo) is a successful marriage therapist and best-selling author. Her career is going just as planned but her own marriage with grad school sweetheart Justin (Chase) isn’t as successful,” the synopsis reads. “Jillian is an expert in marriages and has wisdom to spare for her clients but seldom listens to her own advice. With help from her mother and friends Nicole and Aaron, Jillian is hoping to figure out ‘the secrets to a happy marriage.’”

However, as Jillian searches for answers about ways to potentially improve Justin and make things better, she might actually realize where their problems really lie, and she will have to race against the clock to solve them before time runs out.

“But when Jillian finally realizes how she’s taken Justin for granted and wants to make amends, it might be too late,” the synopsis warns,

“How To Train Your Husband” airs Saturday, May 16 at 9 p.m. EDT on Hallmark Channel.

How To Train Your Husband
Julie Gonzalo and Jonathan Chase star in “How To Train Your Husband.” Courtesy of American Cinema International