It used to be that you had to have a cable or satellite provider and the willingness to spend however much cash it cost to rent a WWE pay-per-view to see the big matches, but times have changes. It’s 2012 and there are numerous ways to see WWE’s pay-per-view events.


If you’re old fashioned, like the comfort of your own home with the best quality products, and don’t mind spending the $44.95 to watch then pay-per-view is for you. has a listing of different cable and satellite providers with instructions on how to order Hell in a Cell. Live Stream

Here’s the interesting thing about the modern era of pay-per-view: you don’t even need cable or satellite to get your fix. streams all of their pay-per-view events live and in high definition for the consumer of the digital age.

Keep in mind that the price remains the same. The big advantage is that you’re saving all that money on your cable bill, but if you’re spending it on pay-per-views every month, it can be counter intuitive. Also, not everyone can connect their computer to their TV, and watching on a monitor or laptop isn’t optimal in most cases.

Free Live Stream

Yes, it’s possible to get live streaming pay-per-view for free, but don’t. It isn’t worth the compromise you’ll make in quality and ethics, even though all it takes is searching “Hell in a Cell free live stream.” WWE puts on spectacular shows, and they cost a lot of money; pirating Hell in a Cell would make it less likely for the company to invest big in the next event, and it just get worse and worse in that pattern.

Also, the quality on live streams is terrible. When it streams properly, it will be pixelated, and when it doesn’t, things will get choppy and could even freeze. With the live action being key at pay-per-views, you don’t want to miss anything important just to save a little money.


One thing watching at home usually can’t recreate is the live atmosphere, even if you have a few friends over. The best chance at recreating the audience feel – even though it’s not quite like being at the event in person – is going to a public screening. has a section for “Blast Areas” where the events are shown in public places like bars or restaurants. There are also some places that aren’t listed where you can watch the events; call around to bars in your area and ask if they’re playing Hell in a Cell, you might be surprised.

Buy Tickets

Tickets are still available for the 2012 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Ga. There’s nothing like being at a WWE event live, so if you’re people in the area should consider buying seat for Sunday’s show.