Monica Lewinsky is expected to rake in nearly $12 million for a "tell-all" book about her life that will no doubt discuss her affair with then-President Bill Clinton, the National Enquirer reported Wednesday. 


Lewinsky's sole claim to fame, of course, is her sexual relationship with the president, which was revealed in 1998. She was a 24-year-old White House intern at the time.


The affair became public when Lewinsky naively confided in Linda Tripp, a coworker at the Pentagon. Unknown to Lewinsky, Tripp began to record the conversations where Lewinsky would divulge intimate information about her scandalous relationship with the president. Tripp brought the recording to special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, which ultimately triggered Clinton’s impeachment proceedings.


Lewinsky was forced into the spotlight and made to testify about the president and her friendship with Linda Tripp.


“I hate Linda Tripp,” she told the jury.


Clinton also famously said, looking directly into the camera, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."


The president was impeached by the House but acquitted by the Senate and served out his term.


For the last 15 years, Lewinsky has mostly kept a low profile until news broke that she was meeting with “big-name” publishers, according to the New York Post.


"I'm sure every major publisher was interested in hearing what she had to say," a source told the publication.

"I cannot comment on anything at this point," he told The Post.


The book presumably will embarrass Bill Clinton, but how is it going to affect his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?


Some criticized her for not leaving her cheating husband in the midst of the scandal, but has gone on to become a U.S. senator, presidential candidate and most admired member of President Barack Obama’s Cabinet.


Though most of the country seems to have moved forward since the wake of the scandal, could a Lewinsky expose reopen old wounds that the Clintons have tried to mend?