Hewlett-Packard Co. said on Tuesday that George Keyworth resigned from its board after he admitted being a source of information for boardroom press leaks.

The investigation began with an article on CNET's News.com website in January, which included a quotation from an anonymous source.

Patricia Dunn, HP's chairwoman, identified Keyworth as CNET's source in May, as well as the source of other leaks. The board asked Keyworth, to resign, but he refused.

Following this article, the HP board engaged in a controversial probe into the leaks, wiretapping its board members.

The invasion of my privacy and that of others was ill-conceived and inconsistent with HP's values. Keyworth said in a statement.

State and U.S. federal prosecutors are investigating the tactics used by the outside investigators who worked for the board.

Earlier Tuesday Dunn announced she was stepping down and Mark Hurd, the current CEO will asuumer her role as chariman in January, 2007.