A huge python was found curled underneath a child's bed Thursday afternoon at her family's Sunrise Beach home in Australia's Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The mother of the girl was horrified when she spotted the massive snake, Daily Mail reported.

The family immediately called a local snake catcher to remove the reptile from the house.

"This afternoon I was called out to a home in Sunrise beach to relocate this biggish python from under his daughters bed. With all the rain and cold around our cold blooded friends are just trying to keep warm and dry. They’re not trying to line up a child for their next meal, enjoy the cool weather everyone, and be sure to check under your bed tonight," Luke Huntley from Snake Catcher Noosa wrote in a Facebook post on the organization's page, along with a video that showed him catching the snake. 

The 73-second video shows the snake catcher initially trying to pick up the giant reptile with his bare hands. However, he later used a snake hook to avoid getting bitten.

Social media users were terrified seeing the massive snake and expressed their fears while commenting on the video.

"My WORST nightmare. Check under every bed every day," one user wrote. Another said: "How the hell did they know that was under there, like who checks under a bed each time."

A third user advised: "Always a good idea to keep garage doors closed, even in the hot weather to avoid situations like that."

Just two days before this incident, Huntley had posted another video showing him using his bare hands to pick a carpet python at a hotel.

"I was called out to a resort on a rainy noosa morning the other day to relocate this sleepy python. At first the guests thought it was another pillow but on closer inspection they realised it was in fact a snake... cheeky little thing kept wrapping itself around the chair legs. Have to be so careful not to hurt them, they’re very sensitive at the end of their tale. Sometimes a head grab is the safest and fastest thing I sometimes do," Luke wrote.