A venomous snake was found feasting on a brush turkey at a home in Kureelpa, Australia, on Monday.

The huge Eastern Brown Snake was attempting to eat the turkey but was unable to swallow it. The owners of the home called the snake catchers but the reptile fled before they arrived at the property. The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers took to Facebook to share a photo of the reptile which was taken by the owners of the property.

“This big Eastern Brown Snake tried to have a big feed of this small brush turkey yesterday at a home in Kureelpa. Unfortunately, he had eyes too big for his belly and couldn’t quite swallow it down. I came out and tried to find him but he had already disappeared. What a weapon of a snake, I wish I was able to find it and catch it,” the snake catcher wrote in a post accompanying the photo.

The photo has since gone viral with people saying that the reptile looked “angry.” “Tt is an angry brown that’s for sure.. but still beautiful,” wrote a user.

“He looks like he has attitude,” another commented.

Some of them also said they hated the particular breed of snakes.

“Oh no. Hate brown snakes. Poor little baby Bush turkey,” wrote one. “Poor little bird .. they are too young to defend themselves!! ” wrote another user.

In the representational image, a python lays on the bed at Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa rooms in Jakarta, Indonesia, Oct. 27, 2013. Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images