Ever since Disney’s plans to acquire 21st Century Fox went public, Marvel fans have been hoping the X-Men will show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Even Google seems to be excited for the merger.

The search engine lists “Avengers: Endgame” as a title when users search for “famous Hugh Jackman movies.” The actor retired from playing Wolverine last year, but fans hope he’ll return. Unfortunately, it sounds like this is just a rumor since Marvel Studios still doesn’t have permission to put Wolverine alongside the Avengers.

Marvel Studios co-president Kevin Feige revealed to Variety’s Playback podcast that he still hasn’t been given the official go-ahead to include mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Considering “Avengers: Endgame” completed filming earlier this year and Disney hasn’t even finished their deal, it’s safe to say that Jackman will not make an appearance as Wolverine. Feige even admitted that they haven’t even started planning how the X-Men will be incorporated one day.

Hugh Jackman Avengers 4
Hugh Jackman, pictured on Oct. 30, 2018 in New York City, will not appear in "Avengers: Endgame," despite rumors to the contrary. Michael Loccisano/Getty Images; Marvel Studios

“We’ve been told it’s looking very, very good and could happen in the first six months of next year,” Feige revealed. “The notion of the characters coming back is great. It’s nice when a company that created all these characters can have access to all those characters. It’s unusual not to. But in terms of actually thinking about it and actually planning things, we haven’t started that yet.”

It’s entirely possible that X-Men will appear in the MCU eventually, but it’s still unlikely that Jackman will ever appear as Wolverine. The Australian actor appears to be done with the character after 2017’s “Logan.”

“I just hate those declarations,” Jackman laughed during an MTV interview in November. “But I’m done. I’m done. Those things haunt you. In some way, they haunt you.”

He added, however, that he is very excited for Feige to have his hands on the mutants again. Feige produced the first three “X-Men” movies.

The Disney-Fox deal still hasn’t closed. However, Variety reported in October that 21st Century Fox president Peter Rice said the deal will close in the first half of 2019, which matches Feige’s timeline for when he might be able to actually have access to the X-Men characters.

“Avengers: Endgame” will hit theaters, sans mutants, on April 26.