• Hugh Jackman joked Ryan Reynolds is "devastated" about his Emmy nomination
  • The "Wolverine" star earned his first Emmy nod for acting on Tuesday
  • Jackman and Reynolds have been engaging in pseudo-feud for years

Hugh Jackman has earned an Emmy nomination, and his "frenemy," Ryan Reynolds, is not happy about it.

In a video call to Entertainment Tonight, Jackman, who received an Emmy nod for his role as Dr. Frank Tassone in HBO’s "Bad Education," teased his famous friend, joking that Blake Lively, Reynolds’ wife, texted him saying her husband was "furious" and won’t get up from their bed.

"He's very angry with the Academy. He'll be fine. He'll spend three or four days in bed, you know, and then he'll get over it," Jackman said of his ongoing fake feud with Reynolds.

As for his first reaction upon learning the good news, the actor said he was "thrilled" to be nominated for outstanding lead actor in a limited series or movie.

"It's a good way to wake up! I feel really good," Jackman told E! News. "I'm thrilled the film got nominated. Good day in our house."

Jackman was also asked by E! News about his pal’s reaction to the good news. The celebrity joked that Lively texted him saying that Reynolds was "devastated."

"He says he's not getting out of bed for three days. This is the greatest gift you've ever given me," he told the outlet.

Jackman, who previously received Emmy nods for his hosting stints at the Oscars and the Tonys, and Reynolds have long been in a pseudo-feud where they constantly roast each other, much to the delight of their fans. As for who started it, People reported that the fictional rift may have been because of Scarlett Johansson.

Jackman recalled how he would annoy Reynolds over Johansson on the set of "Wolverine" since she and the "X-Men" star were friends. Reynolds and the "Avengers" actress were married for three years before they ended their marriage in 2011. The actor went on to tie the knot with Lively in 2012.

This marks the first time Jackman has received an Emmy nomination for a scripted performance, and he regarded this as "a nice bit of news in what is a difficult time for everyone."

"Even though it's a weird year and a difficult year, I still feel, you know, the community will come together and find a way to celebrate, which is ultimately what the Emmys or the Oscars or Grammys are about," the Australian star added.

If the Emmys will happen virtually, Jackman will still make an effort to impress with his sartorial picks. Although he will be dressed up for the occasion, he quipped that there’s no guarantee he would be from the waist down.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds released a funny new video. They are pictured at Comic-Con on July 11, 2015 in San Diego, California. Kevin Winter/Getty Images