The first trailer of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” is tipped to be released by May 22. So far, the producers have only released the logo of the movie in a video back in March. Katniss Everdeen has transformed into a symbol for the resistance and the next movie may see her taking charge of the final war.

The previous movie from the franchise ended with Katniss facing the harsh realities of a war with the Capitol. The highly emotional last scene may have led to some fans wondering how she will lead the war in the next movie. According to a report by TheProjectionList, the first trailer of the upcoming movie will be released on May 22. The trailer may give fans a glimpse of how Katniss will react to President Snow’s actions. Fans should note, however, that the date given is merely a "projection" by the website and not an official schedule given by the producers of the film.

A previously released video by the producers chronicled the transformation of Katniss Everdeen by showing how the “Mockingjay” logo transformed with each movie. Katniss was a volunteer tribute in the first movie and she took the step in order to save her sister in the movie.

Source: YouTube/The Hunger Games