Husband Appreciation Day is observed on the third Saturday of April every year to shower our life partners with love and affection. 

This year, the day falls on April 16. The National Today data science team recently conducted a survey with 1,035 married women, during which they were asked what they most appreciated about their husbands. Most women said they admired their hard working husbands, and added they could be themselves around the latter. 

Send your husband some love with these quotes, courtesy First Cry, for all his tireless efforts. 

1. I love you every waking moment of my life; I am over the moon to be your wife.

2. Being a perfect husband like you is something other men in the world should learn.

3. I always dreamt of meeting a man like you. I’m so glad that dreams do come true.

4. You are nothing but a blessing. You keep the kids and me so happy. You’re the kind of man that every woman wants in her life. Thank you for being who you are.

5. I love and admire you not because you’re my husband but because you are what every man should aspire to be.

6. Consider life to be a ship; then I would choose you as the anchor to my ship and hold me in place as you take me through this beautiful journey.

7. If a day were ever to come where I had to live without you, let that be the last day of my life as well.

8. I can’t promise you an easy life or that I will be the perfect wife to you, but what I can promise you is that I will love and cherish you every day.

9. The lord has given me a wonderful gift in the form of you, my hubby. I thank him every single day for this invaluable gift in my life.

10. Always be you. I love you and the kind of person you are.

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