It did not come as a shock when “I Am Jazz” Season 4 aired its finale last week, given that the reality series has only had eight installments every season since its second run. However, it was still a huge disappointment for fans who wanted to religiously follow the transgendered teen’s journey, especially now that she’s just months away from getting bottom surgery.

TLC has yet to announce the show’s renewal for a fifth season, but fans can rest assured that the outcome is logically far from cancellation. “I Am Jazz” has managed to rake in decent ratings, with a current following of 0.22 million, as per ShowBuzz Daily. The series may have seen a decrease in viewership, but it still remains to be part of the Top 50 original cable shows at present.

In last week’s finale titled “Nothing is Set in Stone,” Jazz and her father, Greg, collaborated to surprise her mother, Jeanette, with a wedding vow renewal ceremony. In addition, Jazz also received great news on her 17th birthday: her doctor has finally decided on the date of her bottom surgery.

Throughout the season, Jazz had gone through so much physically, mentally and emotionally. In Season 4, the transgendered teen came out as pansexual and even found a potential romantic partner in the person of her new friend, Victoria.

Jazz also found out that she has binge eating disorder, which was the very reason why she gained a lot of weight and lowered her chances of getting bottom surgery as soon as possible. She was even warned by her doctor that she wouldn’t be eligible of bottom surgery unless she loses 30 pounds.

All the stresses at school also took a toll on Jazz, leading her to consult her parents about ditching regular school and enrolling to a virtual education facility. However, Greg and Jeannette were very hesitant to approve of Jazz’s request for fear that she might end up shutting herself in her room, binge eating and gaining more weight.

When episode 8 was aired last week, Jazz took to Twitter to express how proud she is of herself after the things she went through this season. “Between losing weight for the surgery, dyeing my hair, getting a tattoo, switching to virtual school, and turning 17, there have been so many major changes in my life. Overall, I feel as though I’m learning so much about who I am and the value of self-love. I’m proud to be me,” the television personality tweeted.

Season 4 kicked off in January, so the potential Season 5 could take a while to premiere considering that Jazz is set to undergo bottom surgery this summer, specifically on June 20. Should TLC renew “I Am Jazz” for another season, it’s very likely that the next installment would feature Jazz’s surgery and her life after the operation. Hopefully, fans will hear about TLC’s verdict very soon.