Jazz Jennings
Pictured: Jazz Jennings, who is preparing for her gender confirmation surgery, attending NYLON’s Annual Young Hollywood Party at Avenue Los Angeles in Hollywood, California on May 22, 2018. Getty Images/Rich Fury

“I Am Jazz” star Jazz Jennings is finally close to completing her transition journey. The television personality has updated her fans about her preparations for her gender confirmation surgery.

Jennings recently took to social media to reveal that her bottom surgery date is drawing near and she’s very excited to go under the knife. “My surgery date is coming up in less than a month and I can’t wait! I’ve been ready to get this operation for so long as it’s the final step to complete my transition,” Jennings captioned her Instagram selfie.

The transgendered teen has been churning out a lot of YouTube content lately as part of her “#Jazzweek” project. The latest of which sheds light on her preparations for the surgery. “June 26th is when I’m getting the surgery … and that is insane. I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve been ready for this my entire life,” Jennings said in her vlog.

Jennings shared that she’s currently conditioning herself for the changes that would transpire after the medical procedure. She admitted that her only concern once she’s done with the surgery is having to pee sitting down. Jennings said she’s gotten used to peeing while standing up and pointed out the perks that come along with it, such as not feeling the need to wash her hands when she doesn’t touch her body part while urinating.

The 17-year-old LGBTQ rights activist also disclosed that she’s not getting the conventional sex reassignment surgery. She’ll undergo a different procedure because she started taking hormone blockers so early that never she went through puberty. She confessed that this is something that bothers her, but she trusts the medical professionals who are performing the procedure on her.

Last week, Jennings showed off her body transformation on social media. As shown on “I Am Jazz” Season 4, Jennings had to lose around 30 pounds in order for her to qualify for genital reconstruction. Based on the before-and-after snap she posted to Instagram, it’s easy to see that Jennings lost all the weight she needed to get rid off for her the final step of her transition.