Christmas is right around the corner and that means all your favorite Christmas classics will be airing on television. For the seventh year in a row, the “I Love Lucy Christmas Special” is one of those classics that will be returning to your television screen.

This year, the “I Love Lucy Christmas Special” is made up of two episodes: “The Christmas Episode” and “Paris at Last.”

“The Christmas Episode” follows as the “Ricardos and Mertzes [are] decorating Lucy and Ricky's Christmas tree and reminiscing about how their lives have changed since the arrival of the Ricardos' son, Little Ricky (Keith Thibodeaux). Flashbacks recall the night Lucy told Ricky she was pregnant, the time Lucy showed up unexpectedly as part of a barbershop quartet and the day Ricky and the Mertzes rehearsed taking Lucy to the maternity ward,” according to episode's synopsis.

“Paris at Last” follows the Ricardo and Mertz families when they “arrive in the French capital, where Lucy encounters a sidewalk artist who sells multiple copies of the same 'original' oil painting and a con man who offers a better exchange rate for her American dollars than the one offered in the banks. Later, her attempt to have a quiet lunch in an outdoor café finds her not only unwittingly ordering a plate of snails, but paying the check with counterfeit French francs. Next stop: the Bastille?”

“The Christmas Episode” originally aired on Christmas Eve, 1956 and “Paris at Last” aired on Feb. 26, 1956.

Both of these episodes will be shown in color with “Paris at Last” being newly colorized, CBS reports.

Don’t get up for a bathroom break or for a snack between the two programs because CBS has made sure there will be no interruptions between the episodes.

Catch the “I Love Lucy Christmas Special” will be air on CBS and CBS All Access on Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. EST.

I Love Lucy Christmas Special
The “I Love Lucy” Christmas Special airs on CBS. The show’s characters are pictured during a Christmas episode of the show. CBS