The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. Hyatt

If you're looking for a deal on a European vacation, now might be a good time to book a trip to Turkey. The average Turkish hotel room rate fell 10 percent last year to $143, reports hotel search web site That was the biggest price drop in all of Europe.

In its 2014 Europe Hotel Room Rate Report, Trivago analyzed average nightly hotel rates for 25 of Europe's most visited countries and how they changed from 2013 to 2014. While Turkey had the biggest average price drop, it was followed by Sweden, which saw a 9 percent drop, and Norway, which had an 8 percent drop. Both Sweden and Norway have been historically expensive places to visit.

The countries with the cheapest hotel room rates were concentrated in eastern Europe: Poland took the top spot, with an average nightly rate of just $83; Romania was in second place with an $87 average; and Hungary placed third with room rates averaging $102.

The most expensive country was Switzerland, where rooms average $257 a night. Though Norway had an 8 percent drop in prices, it was still the second-most expensive, averaging $202. The United Kingdom was in third place with an average room rate of $194.

25 European Countries Ranked By 2014 Average Hotel Rates

Poland $83

Romania $87

Hungary $102

Portugal $122

Czech Republic $129

Malta $129

Greece $131

Croatia $131

Spain $133

Slovenia $139

Germany $141

Ireland $141

Turkey $143

Belgium $148

Luxembourg $156

Italy $163

Austria $165

Netherlands $166

Finland $166

France $184

Sweden $186

Denmark $188

United Kingdom $194

Norway $202

Switzerland $257

*Average nightly rate in U.S. dollars based on a standard double room. Annual average rates based on all hotel prices aggregated from the 200-plus websites compared by