“Walking Dead” fans are always thinking about interesting zombie apocalypse situations, well here's one scenario that may have never crossed their minds: What would have happened if Walter White of “Breaking Bad” was in the middle of the zombie apocalypse? That question was asked by “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick following Season 5, episode 2 of “The Walking Dead.”

Episode 2 of “The Talking Dead,” the talk show that follows “The Walking Dead,” featured guest stars Chad Coleman, the actor behind Tyreese, and AMC alum Matt Jones, who played Badger on “Breaking Bad.” The pair and Hardwick discussed everything from the “Bob-BQ”  and newcomer Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) to the cleanliness of the water into which Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group was forced to climb to scavenge for food.

Conversations on the after-show generally take a turn for the “what if?” and this week the “what if” scenario involved the former hit AMC series, “Breaking Bad.” During the episode, Jones was asked how drug kingpin Walter White (Bryan Cranston) would be in the zombie apocalypse. The actor simply joked that Walter White, aka Heisenberg, would have taken over Rick’s group of survivors a “long time ago.”

“Honestly, I think Walter White would have been a lot more like the Governor than he would like Rick,” Jones continued, adding that Walter White’s “control and power” would have gone too far and that everything would have “eventually crashed.”

“He was already a monster,” Hardwick agreed.

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