Rapper Iggy Azalea, pictured, dissed Nicki Minaj back in 2010, and Minaj decided to respond via Twitter earlier this week. Tumblr

Nicki Minaj is mad at fellow female artist Iggy Azalea over a tweet posted more than three years ago. Lately, people on Twitter have been looking through celebrities’ old posts to try and find something they said that could essentially cause drama.

One Twitter user found a post from Azalea dating back to 2010, dissing Minaj. “LMAO at Nikki saying she did the BET Awards live. Errrr. If you say so girl,” the 23-year-old wrote.

When the post resurfaced this week, Minaj did not take kindly to it, replying, “Laughing at [expletive] you can’t even do…study dat formula…cornball….LMFAO [sic].”

Azalea, who was not known in the rap world until 2011 when she released her first mixtape, “Ignorant Art,” later defended her tweet, writing a lengthy message via Twitter.

“Listen. I see a trend on Twitter in the last week that involves people retreating artists old tweets. I’m talking OLD, done and dusted [expletive] ones. And while I know most artists are gonna go the silent route and ignore that it’s happening, I’m going to talk to you even though I know the people who get hype off the whole thing are immature anyhow.

But here goes: YES. I have an opinion,” Azalea wrote. “And NO, even when I’m a fan of someone it doesn’t mean I like EVERY THING THAT THEY do. There was once a time when I could crack jokes, talk about TV shows or whose record I hate and whose I loved etc. on Twitter.

I can’t do that now. In part because you guys would make life a nightmare and in part because it would just be unprofessional. But remember there was a time when my Twitter was just for my friends and family to see. Just like yours probably is now. Anyhow -- to me, I feel like what you guys are doing is really unfair. That’s my opinion. Right now in 2013.”

Minaj has yet to reply to Azalea’s lengthy response.