‘Imposters’ cast
“Imposters” executive producer Paul Adelstein revealed that they talked about exploring a potential all-out war between the different teams working for the Doctor in Season 3. Bravo/Ken Woroner

After the Doctor was killed by Sally in the Season 2 finale of “Imposters,” Ezra answered one of their former boss’ burner phones and pretended to be him. Executive producers Paul Adelstein and Adam Brooks confirmed that Ezra would have taken over the Doctor’s crime organization if there had been Season 3. But because Bravo canceled the series last week, the duo admitted they didn’t really get the chance to think about what kind of leader Ezra would have been.

“We thought, ‘Well, how deep is Ezra (Rob Heaps) going to go into this?’” Adelstein told TVLine. “There were various ways to go: He could abandon them immediately. He could find it disgusting. He could try to do it and do it right. He could make it a Robin Hood thing. Or he could go totally to the dark side. We have all that written down on a piece of paper somewhere, but we certainly didn’t make any of those decisions yet.”

Brooks, however, doesn’t think that Ezra would become as evil as the Doctor (Ray Proscia) right away. “I don’t think it’s like, two days later, he’s the Doctor, [ordering] Shelly Cohen (Adelstein) to, like, mutilate somebody,” Brooks said. “It’s not who he is, so that’s not what it would be. He’s more curious than he is settled in anything yet. He’s not done with this life, with the idea of being unmoored and living this kind of life. It’s sort of like Max’s (Brian Benben) character, [who is] in love with the life, the job, the con. He accepts the downsides of it because he feels alive doing it. And that’s what’s happening to Ezra. So I think he’s going to investigate if there’s a version of himself that can do that. I’m sure he’ll find out it’s much more complicated than he thinks.”

In a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, Adelstein revealed that they also talked about exploring a potential all-out war between the different teams working for the Doctor. “From a plot perspective, we talked about what happens when the figurehead of these massive operations is removed,” Adelstein said. “It’s the Pablo Escobar thing: Once he’s removed, there’s all-out war because everyone wants control. We thought it would be interesting to start seeing these other crews and what ends up happening in the game if the Doctor’s gone.”

If there had been a third season, Brooks also said that viewers would have probably seen more scenes of Ezra, Richard (Parker Young), Jules (Marianne Rendón), Maddie (Inbar Lavi), Sally (Katherine LaNasa), and Max altogether. “One thing we learned and saw very quickly, both seasons, was how much the audience wants everyone to be together,” Brooks said. “That always seems to be the surge of everyone’s happiness, so there probably would’ve been more of that.”