Rob Heaps as Ezra Bloom
British actor Rob Heaps said that he listened to the podcast “You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes” to help himself learn the American accent for his role as Ezra Bloom on Bravo’s “Imposters.” Kurt Iswarienko/Bravo

Rob Heaps plays Ezra Bloom, a Jewish-American man, on “Imposters.” But unbeknown to many, Heaps is neither a Jew nor an American. So how did Heaps, who is actually British, manage to sound like a real American on the Bravo series?

In an interview with Observer, Heaps said that he had coaches who helped him learn the American accent. He also pointed out that he listened to podcasts to further familiarize himself with the American twang.

“It wasn’t perfect,” Heaps said of his American accent. “[But] it was pretty good, we had coaches who were just fantastic. I listened to lots of podcasts — ‘You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes’ I’m obsessed with it. It’s weird because the same time our show was picked up, he was on his podcast going, ‘I’ve just been picked up’ because he’s got this new show, ‘Crashing’ on HBO. And his posters are up with our posters.”

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During a separate chat with Bravo in February, Heaps explained why he got particularly interested in Holmes’ podcast.

“He’s Jewish-American, my character, so I listened to some [American podcasts], there’s a great podcast called ‘You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes,’ which I got really into,” Heaps said. “He has lots of comedians on, some of them are Jewish comedians, so I listened to a lot of that just to get the feel of it, kind of the energy of the accent. And then just tried my best not to be taken out of it.”

In tonight’s Season 1, episode 8 of “Imposters,” Patrick (Stephen Bishop) finds out that Ezra is not Maddie’s (Inbar Lavi) accomplice. Maddie also starts discussing marriage with Patrick, as she and her fellow con artist Max (Brian Benben) devise a plan to save their lives after she receives a life-altering piece of information.

“Imposters” Season 1, episode 8, titled “In the Game,” airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.