• Living a long and healthy life will take a  lot of discipline in terms of diet and lifestyle
  • Health experts recommend four ways on how you would be able to live longer
  • Two of these include avoiding a sedentary life and to happily face challenges 

Many people, without a doubt, would want to reach the ripe age of Kirk Douglas. According to his son, the equally famous Michael Douglas, his father stayed busy all the time and lived a life full of activities. This helped him to live more than a century with a health that is nothing short of spectacular. With such a remarkable life, a lot of people are beginning to think about their own lives, their mortalities, and the age they would want to reach.

Professors Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin wrote a book elucidating their fascinating research and findings on the subject matter. The Longevity Project, which highlighted research that observed participants over 80 years, is centered on the question of why some live longer than others. Professor Friedman is a University of California psychology professor, and Professor Martin is also a psychology professor at LaSierra University.

Both of them found that the healthiest individuals on the planet are those who lived a committed and meaningful life. Both professors said that those who worked hard, achieved a lot for their families, cultivated close relationships, were persistent, conscientious, and responsible lived a lot longer compared to others.

They also described as myth the theories that other experts on life longevity and health are focusing on. These theories involved consuming yogurts and vitamins, as well as observing meditation and spas.

Friedman and Martin said significant habits that impact the life of a person directly helps improve life span. What are some of these habits that will help you live a happy, long, and healthy life?

Get Up and Move

There is strong scientific evidence that indicates staying active physically is among the keys to improving longevity. According to Friedman and Martin, however, going to the gym or running is not the secret. In fact, they say engaging in a formal exercise is not necessary though if you love what you are doing, go ahead and keep it up.

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The key, said Friedman, is being more active and staying that way. Those who like to do things that get them out of their chairs regularly are the ones who benefit the most.

Challenges Help

There are lots of people who think that to have good health and live long lives, they need to take it easy, prevent themselves from working too hard. They also think they must go on vacation often. According to the two professors, these beliefs are nowhere near the truth and, in fact, are exact opposites.

Friedman said that people who are working hard and can accomplish a lot had been proven to thrive in many ways. He said that their research showed that those who encounter challenges in a supportive environment, along with access to suitable tools, are healthier when compared to their easygoing counterparts. If your work environment is hostile and you are in an atmosphere where you cannot do your job well, then it is time to look for a new workplace.

Stay Connected

Aside from keeping healthy physically and mentally, there is also a need for you to socialize with your peers, colleagues, friends, families, and acquaintances. This means you also need to keep your social life healthy.

Keep in contact with supportive friends and family or groups. Doing non-work activities are more fun when you do them with others. Martin also said that their research shows helping less fortunate individuals can also help a lot.

Make Friends With Healthy People

As they say, birds of the same feathers flock together. If the companies you keep are people who observe unhealthy habits, then you are likely to fall victim to their ways too. The best way to be on the right, healthy track is to be with other active and healthy people. Try joining social organizations and participate in outings that will point you towards other healthy activities.