Jeff Goldblum at the 40th Anniversary Saturday Night Live (SNL) broadcast in New York on February 15, 2015. The actor was recently photographed on the set of his new movie, "Independence Day 2." Reuters

Although he’s not back in the new “Jurassic Park” sequel, Jeff Goldblum is back to defend the world against an alien invasion in the follow-up to his other ‘90s blockbuster "Independence Day." A new set photo, posted by producer Dean Devlin, reveals Goldblum back in a green army uniform ready for “Independence Day 2” action.

Both Devlin and Goldblum look to be swimming in a sea of blue screen, certainly much more than the duo had to work with back in 1996. The photo posted on the producer’s Instagram is not all we know about the sequel. For “Independence Day 2,” Jeff Goldblum will reprise the role of his computer programming hero, David Levinson, from the first film. Will Smith will not return for the sequel alongside Goldblum.

As Entertainment Weekly notes, this is not likely producer Devlin’s last movie about the apocalyptic alien invasion. The new working title is “Independence Day Forever,” and will be split up into two parts. That’s at least one more sequel for Goldblum to save the day.

Returning star Vivica A. Fox also spilled some plot details in a recent interview before a Comic Con appearance in Michigan. According to Fox, the story takes place just 15 years after the events of the original, even though it’s been 20 years since the movie was released.

A casting call teases a bit more about the plot, pointing to a big fight for survival on a moon base using modified alien tech recovered in the first film. But of course, the aliens will bring a few new gadgets of their own. The casting call also reveals “Independence Day 2” will continue filming in New Mexico through June.

Goldblum isn’t the only returning face from the 1996 movie. Bill Pullman and Brent Spiner are also returning for "Independence Day Forever" for a rematch with the alien invaders who so strategically took out the White House in the first movie.

In a disappointing turn for fans, newcomer Maika Monroe will take over the role of the president’s daughter originally played by Mae Whitman. Monroe, the star of “It Follows,” will join other fresh faces like Liam Hemsworth and Jessie Usher and to add a youthful romantic subplot to "Independence Day Forever."

“Independence Day Forever” is set to open in theaters before the namesake holiday on June 24, 2016.