NEW DELHI (Commodity Online) : In an attempt to include every person under the food security scheme, National Advisory Council (NAC) said it will consult the Agriculture Ministry considering the high costs involved in such an exercise.

According to Harsh Mander, convenor of the Working Group on National Food Security Bill, made a presentation highlighting various components - inclusive and enhanced PDS; child and maternal nutrition; special programmes for destitute and vulnerable groups and PDS reforms and enabling provisions.

The NAC discussed the proposal of the Working Group and agreed to continue further consultations on the subject, a NAC statement said.

The NAC also deliberated on the high economic costs of rolling out universal PDS and a section of the members were of the view that maximum caution should be exercised before taking any final decision on the matter.

They felt that once the Food Security Act comes into force, its beneficiaries would be legally entitled to the quantity of foodgrains mentioned therein and utmost caution has to be taken while deciding on the matter.

It was decided to hold wider consultations on this issue and also solicit public opinion after preparing a draft bill.