An Indiana teen was arrested Wednesday for killing his pet puppy by putting the canine in a clothes dryer.

According to the court documents, police arrived at a home on 519 Sherman Avenue on Wednesday night after receiving a call from Justin Duis, the father of the accused, stating that their dog had been found dead. Danielle Chubb, the mother of the accused, told the responding officers that her son, 18-year-old Jeremy Lindsey, took her to a couch where she found the three-week-old puppy lying dead. Chubb said that it looked like the canine was hit by a vehicle. Later in the day, she opened the clothes dryer and found blood and hair in it.

The accused was interrogated during which he confessed to killing the canine. Following the confession, the teen was taken into custody. Police said the teen killed the puppy because it was “being mean” to the family cat.

Speaking about the incident, Charlotte Logan, a neighbor said, "I don't understand why he put it in the dryer, I don't know. Something is wrong with that boy. That boy needs help.”

The accused appeared in court Friday and was charged with killing a domestic animal, mutilating a vertebrate animal and animal cruelty. He remained in custody as of Saturday and was set to appear in court Feb.3.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay