Only six contestants remain in Season 5 of “Ink Master.” With old rivals eliminated from the competition, the remaining tattoo artists must prove to one another and the judges they have what it takes for the “Ink Master” title -- and the $100,000 prize money.

Episode 13 will find the six artists -- Erik Siuda, Cleen Rock One, Aaron Is, Mark Longenecker, Cris Element and Jason Clay Dunn -- battling to make it to the “Ink Master: Rivals” finale. As in previous weeks, the “Ink Master” cast members will have to participate in a flash challenge to gain an advantage in the elimination tattoo. This week the contestants have slightly more on the line -- a deal with Monster DNA headphones.

The Spike reality show will be joining forces with Monster DNA headphones to create a limited edition run design. Despite some tension among the tattoo artists, the six competitors will be forced to split up into teams of two to design a “monster-size” replica of Monster DNA headphones. Based on promo photos for episode 13, it appears the teams will consist of Mark and Cleen Rock One, Cris and Aaron, and Jason and Erik.

“I’m a one man show,” Erik tells the cameras in a sneak-peek video. “I like doing my own artwork and I hate having to depend on somebody else.”

Of course the flash challenge won’t be as simple as working together to create a cool design. The contestants will be tested on precision and judged by Chris Nunez, Oliver Peck and Dave Navarro, who is rocking what appears to be a fashionable woman’s hat in episode 13.

“Your lines, shading and small details must be exact,” Dave warns the artists in a video clip. “Every drop of ink you apply can make or break your design.”

The “Ink Master” crew will be put to the test as members not only have to design the perfect piece, but also have to come up with the ideal placement on such an odd-shaped object. As Aaron explained to the cameras, winning the challenge could potentially put a contestant’s artwork in front of the masses.

Following the episode, “Ink Master” viewers will have the opportunity to buy the winning design for $199. A design created by Chris Nunez is also available in a limited edition run.

“Ink Master” Season 5, episode 13 will air on Spike on Tuesday, Nov. 25, at 10 p.m. EST. Who do you think will be sent home? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.