If she wasn’t an actress, she would’ve been a designer. Check out how Jennifer Aniston renovated the house she once shared with ex-husband, Justin Theroux.

To help her with the renovation, she hired Stephen Shadley, an AD interior designer who did a house remodeling project with her prior to this home. Shadley reportedly worked on renovating Aniston’s other house in L.A. for 2 years.

Check out Shadley’s interview on how they went through the process of remodeling Aniston’s house.


Inside the exclusive neighborhood of Bel Air, Los Angeles, is Aniston’s 10,186-sqare-foot house worth $20.97 million. Built and completed in 1965, the house was a product of an architect named A. Quincy Jones. The house has seven bedrooms and eleven bathrooms.

Shadley revealed that Aniston was drawn to materials with real substance and depth —wood, stone and bronze, Architectural Design reported. The veteran designer added that amid the beauty and glamour of things, Aniston valued warmth.

Aniston’s Bel Air house reportedly has an Asian-like ambiance. There’s a long stone walk way at the main entrance leading to bronze doors. The inside of Aniston’s house has an open floor plan and walls made of glass.

Entering the living room, guests will find a cozy sofa, an Arturo Pani cocktail table and mic bar. Aniston values aesthetic, yes, but to her, comfort is rather essential. Inside the house, one will reportedly find several artworks of Adolph Gottlieb, Robert Motherwell and Glenn Ligon.

Aniston’s office looked really amazing. She had a table called a “power desk” — a 1965 Don S. Shoemaker from JF Chen. Sitting on this beautiful desk was her old Tiffany lamp and just right across were two club chairs. There was also a Japanese tapestry hanging between her indented bookshelves.

Aniston’s fascination with quality wood was also evident in the headboard of her bed. The walnut bedhead was reportedly custom-built by Shadley. Meanwhile, her powder has a wallpaper hand-painted by Gracie. On top of her stone-built sink was bronze standing Thai decorative figurine. Shadley said Aniston loved the warmth of the metal; hence, he and his team of designers used several versions of it.

Aniston’s bathroom was astounding. It has a marble tub right next to a motorized glass panel, which automatically opens, with a perfect view a private garden in the front part of the house. The designers had two fenced openings built which gave a private garden of both the dining room and this (referring to the bathroom) side of the house where Aniston can have an outdoor shower whilst keeping her privacy.

Aniston’s lavish home also had a pool area with an access to the stunning view of city, lounges and hot tub. It also has a guest house, which Theroux used during the end of their marriage, Velvet Ropes reported.

Aniston and Theroux met in 2007 on the set of “Tropic Thunder” but the romance did not start there —at least not yet. In 2010, they met again in the set of “Wanderlust.” After which, the pair started dating.

The two got married in 2015 at the backyard of this Bel Air house. Aniston and Theroux, unfortunately, parted ways in 2018.