Jennifer Aniston allegedly reuniting with Brad Pitt following her split with Justin Theroux had been the headlines of the news these past couple of weeks. Amidst these rumors, there were reports that claiming that the “Friends” alum, who just turned 50, was living the best of her life until recently.

Amidst the dating rumors with Pitt, earlier reports claimed that there were possibilities that Aniston and Theroux might be called to appear in the court to testify for the Carmel Musgrove case. The report stated that a particular insider allegedly told The National Enquirer that Musgrove’s family wanted to include Aniston and Theroux in the witness list because they were also at the party when the unfortunate incident happened.

In relation to this, the American actress is reportedly struggling with the idea of testifying in court. The scoop came from an unidentified source, allegedly claiming that Aniston was anxious and in the state of panic over the incoming trial proceedings involving the death of Musgrove, New Idea reported.

Additionally, the insider reportedly said that Aniston was barely sleeping or eating and she had worked herself up to paranoid state thinking and fearing that things might spiral if the jury isn’t convinced or satisfied with her testimony.

Could Aniston be really in this state of imbalance given that she had devoted herself in focusing on enhancing her health and well-being?

For those who aren’t aware of this incident, Carmel Musgrove was film producer Joel Silver’s assistant. Musgrove, Silver, some friends and colleagues went to Bora-Bora in 2015 to attend the honeymoon party celebration of Theroux and Aniston, who got married a decade after her divorce with Pitt.

Musgrove’s body was, two days after Aniston and Theroux’s party, found dead just 500 yards away from her bungalow. After the conduct of autopsy, it was reportedly determined that the cause of Musgrove’s death other than drowning, was the effect of combined drugs and alcohol in her body.

In 2017, the Musgrove’s parents filed a case against Silver and Martin Herold, a chef and was also present at Aniston and Theroux’s party. It was also reported earlier that subpoenas were already sent to those individuals who were present at the party.

Silver’s kids were in the list subjected to receive the said legal document. At the time of the drowning incident, they were only minors. His alleged recent claims suggested that the attempts to drag his children to testify was harassment and coercion for him to settle.

Silver has reportedly offered himself and his wife to testify and requested a judge to shut down the depositions of his children. The case is ongoing and a judge is yet to decide on the matter, Yahoo! Entertainment reported.